AP headshotjpegI’m a journalist and writer, born in Canada, specializing in foreign affairs, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and refugees in particular. I’ve  managed teams of journalists and aid workers producing stories in print, video, photo for online platforms including public media and UN sites. I was bureau chief for TIME Magazine in Africa, the Balkans, eastern Europe and Germany and editor, briefly, of the Canadian edition of the magazine for more than 20 years, where I reported on a range of stories for the magazine, from genocide in Rwanda to organized crime in the Balkans and immigration in Europe. From 2009, I  worked as a consultant and managing editor to  the U.N. Refugee Agency, UNHCR, in Beirut and Geneva. I’m now writing a book from a new base in San Francisco. I studied English and Biology at Middlebury College and journalism at Columbia University and was awarded a Knight Fellowship at Stanford, where I developed a platform to improve foreign reporting by working more closely with local reporters around the world. This site includes samples of my writing, as well as videos produced by teams under my watch.  


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