Arsal, Lebanon, flight from Syria, November 2013

We drove from Beirut up to Arsal this morning to talk with refugees fleeing the latest offensive in Qalamoun, Syria. Women and men lined up separately to get information and basic supplies like blankets and cooking stoves from UNHCR and other organizations such as the Danish Refugee Council. It was cold in the shade

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Libya’s civil war, notes from the field

Diary from the field: Tunisia

March 12, 2011 at 11:16am

UNHCR’s Andrew Purvis is on the Libyan border, gathering reports   about what is going on inside Libya and what is happening with the people who have already fled.

The wind blew most of the day, sand everywhere,  in your eyes, in your food.. I’ve discovered local almonds, very fresh. The humanitarian workers here are running on fumes, building camps, latrines, water,  recording personal histories, counseling, trying to

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