Print journalism

Below some clips from the past few years!


 A Day in the Death of Somalia. TIME. Somalia famine reporting (1992)

All the Hatred in the World. TIME. Rwandan genocide reporting (1994) 

A Contagion of Genocide. Zaire/Congo. TIME. Reporting from the beginning of Congo’s ongoing war (1996)

AIDS: the Global Epidemic. TIME. Person of the Year reporting on lack of access to lifesaving drugs in Africa (1996)

Mourning the Angels of Mercy. TIME. Reporting from the Ebola epidemic in Kikwit, Zaire (1996)


The Bloody Red Berets. TIME. Balkans. Serbian war crimes investigation (2001)

Turkey on the Spot. TIME. Turkish-EU courtship and election of Erdogan (2002).

A House Divided. Germany. TIME. The election of Angela Merkel (2005)

Stalin Binds Georgia and Russia. TIME. Georgia. Blogs from Georgia war (2008)

Almost Mellow at Kosovo’s Frontline Cafe. TIMEMitrovica. Blog about the Dolce Vita cafe  (2008)




Marseille’s Ethnic Bouillabaisse. France. What makes Europe’s most diverse city a laboratory for the continent’s future (2008)



Nowhere to Turn. Libya. On the ground refugee report about new displacement in Libya (2011)



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